Episode 4

Published on:

2nd Mar 2021

Interview with Packy McCormick of Not Boring - The Flywheel Podcast

Today's guest is Packy McCormick of Not Boring. We talk about how he has started and grown his newsletter into an enormously popular and successful one that will earn him close to $1 million in 2021.

To read more about the Creator Economy and Packy's story, check out my recent piece at theflywheel.substack.com.

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The Flywheel Podcast
Deep dives with the people building the most interesting flywheels in the world.
The Flywheel Podcast is the audio companion to the popular newsletter The Flywheel: https://go.theflywheel.io/welcomelistener.

In the podcast we feature interviews with top entrepreneurs, creators, and leaders to discuss what makes their flywheel spin.

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